Friday, October 10, 2014

Plastic Surgery Education

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Dr. Jay Calvert, Beverly Hills, CA
Plastic Surgeon

As the ASPS meeting gets underway in Chicago, I am reminded of the journey that I traveled to learn plastic surgery in such a way that I am able to help my patients effectively.  The take-home message on that reflection is: GET GREAT MENTORS!  There is no way to learn plastic surgery in a vacuum and there is no way to know what this specialty is about without having the guidance and direction of those who have been there and done that.

Through the years, I have worked with mentors from many specialties, but the list of the core mentors  makes feel honored to have been guided by such great surgeons.  Here is the short list:

Bruce Brener, MD
Bubba Singleton, PhD
Gerald Stubbs, PhD
Andy Weiland, MD
Louis Drusin, MD
Phil Barie, MD
Lloyd Hoffman, MD
John Bostwick, MD
J. William Futrell, MD
Ken Shestak, MD
Ernie Manders, MD
Jim Russavage, MD
Guy Stofman, MD
Jack Friedland, MD
Dennis Hurwitz, MD
Lee Weiss, PhD
Pradeep Khosla, PhD
Rollin Daniel, MD
Greg Evans, MD
Tim Miller, MD
Grant Stevens, MD
Andrew Ordon, MD
Terry Dubrow, MD
Randy Sherman, MD

There are others, but these are the people who materially influenced the way that I treat patients and think about improving the outcomes for my patients.  Mentors are key!  I thank my mentors for guiding me and helping me because really they have helped my patients and that is the only goal of all I do as a surgeon.

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