Sunday, July 27, 2014

Comic Con and - Along with Dr. Jay Calvert

Dr. Jay Calvert
Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

This weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of working with the people from  This website has taken plastic surgery information to a new level.  I am very impressed with their commitment to providing the right information to the patient from the right plastic surgeons.  This is something that concerns all Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Facial Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Occuloplastic Surgeons.  Thus, it was fun to add some insight and gain some myself, on the topic of superhero bodies.

It is true that the superhero body in the comic books and in film has changed over time. We discussed this at length and I am looking forward to the way it gets put together for their piece.  In general, though, we all think that the superhero body is unattainable except by those who really push the envelope.  Plastic Surgery can be a part of it, but mostly, I believe it starts with diet and exercise.  Not fun!  But this is what it takes.

We discussed the operations most employed to get the 'superhero' look.  Chin implants, rhinoplasty, liposuction, facelifts, and body implants of all types were on the agenda.  Amazing examples have been seen throughout the years, including the most recent example of the human Ken Doll on the hit show, Botched!.  All is well and good if you start with a surgically good palate.  But if the starting point is not great, then it makes it hard to reach superhero status with surgery alone.

The other topic that was interesting and also needs to be addressed is the fact that many people are using human growth hormone and testosterone to keep their body fat lower and increase muscle mass.  These are medications that need to evaluated on a case by case basis for every patient is different with a different set of issues.  No way to know what is right for anyone of us without the advice of a physician that is used to prescribing these meds on a regular basis.

So look for the piece on sometime in the fall.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pittsburgh Plastic Surgery Alumni Weekend

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the University of Pittsburgh Department of Plastic Surgery where I trained in plastic surgery over a decade ago. It was an incredible experience to look around the room at the number of current leaders in plastic surgery as well as the soon to be future leaders of our specialty.   It was the resident and fellow graduation and what an auspicious event!
But more impressive than the people there, was the pervasive "Get it done" attitude. Anyone who has trained there knows this culture well. It is the concept that says, "This needs to happen so get it done and do it well!"  I am proud to have trained at the Pittsburgh program and I  proud to continue my affiliation as an Alumnus. 

I am ever grateful for what I learned there and I believe the best is yet to come.  I can't even begin to name names, but those of us who have been through Pittsburgh know it's character and that the mission there is clear.  
Thanks to everyone at Pittsburgh for their support and for continuing the mission of training leaders in plastic surgery. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Uterine Fibroid Treatment with RFA to Help Avoid Hysterectomy

Dr. Bruce Lee
Minimally Invasive Treatment for Fibroids
Beverly Hills, CA

This is a bit different for me to be writing about the uterus.  However, I feel the need to let my patients know that there is a new doctor, Dr. Bruce Lee, who has brought a novel, safe, and effective procedure for the fibroid uterus to Rox Center.  Dr. Lee has spent the better part part of his last seven years working on adapting radio frequency energy to the treatment of uterine fibroids.  This treatment was developed after the popular liver tumor rfa was seen to be very effective at shrinking liver metastasis (tumors in the liver that came from usually a cancer of the GI tract).

Dr. Bruce Lee is a pioneer.  Working with Halt Medical, the company that he and his partners founded to perfect fibroid rfa treatments, he was able to definitively create an FDA approved treatment that is now becoming commonplace.  Dr. Bruce Lee is now working at the Rox Center in Beverly Hills.  He is there to perform this procedure, also known as the Acessa Procedure, only.  He is a true specialist having developed the instrumentation, the treatment protocols, and has performed the clinical trials himself.

If you would like to hear more about this ground breaking procedure, please go to the website at or call the office at 1-844-223-7721.