Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rhinoplasty Meeting in Bergamo, Italy

It's been a great experience in Italy with Professor Enrico Robotti and the top notch international faculty he assembled. Seeing old friends and meeting the young surgeons from around the world who want to improve their technique is a real pleasure and keeps me focused on why I do what I do. Its all about the patients and helping them achieve the reaulta they want.

The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe also met on the front end of the Bergamo course.  Truly a great time!

I will look forward to our next time in Bergamo in 2016. 
This was the secondary rhinoplasty patient I operated on in 2012.  She had had a previous rhinoplasty with an over reduced bridge and over rotated tip.  I did a reconstruction using extended spreader grafts, lateral crural strut grafts, a diced cartilage and fascia graft, composite grafts and I columellar strut.  She was very happy with this improvement.  More information on my website:

With Wolfgang Gubish from Stuttgart, Germany.  A true master rhinoplasty surgeon.