Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rib Cartilage for Revision Rhinoplasty

In creating noses out of rib cartilage, it is necessary to counsel the patient on the post-operative care of the rib where the cartilage is taken and on the cartilage that is placed in their nose. Rib cartilage is versatile material, but there is a fair amount of skill involved in using it to create new airways and new noses. Dr. Calvert performs about 100 secondary rhinoplasty operations each year with approximately forty secondary rhinoplasty operations requiring rib cartilage grafts. It is a rare primary rhinoplasty that may require a rib cartilage graft, but it is needed, Dr. Calvert is skilled and capable of performing this powerful technique.

The rare risks associated with obtaining rib cartilage grafts are bleeding, infection at the harvest site, injury to the neurovascular bundle that runs underneath the rib, pneumothorax (air in the chest that causes a dropped lung), pain at the site, deformity at the site, and need for revisional surgery for any of these problems.

Along the same lines, Dr. Calvert has also developed an expertise in revising rib grafts used in secondary and primary rhinoplasty. These complex operations are performed in order to make the results of previous nasal surgery better despite the fact that the rib cartilage grafts were used previously.

For further information on Dr. Calvert's rhinoplasty operations with rib cartilage, please contact our office at (310) 777-8800.


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